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12’x12′ Timber Frame Pavilion Plans

12×12 Post Plan • 15×15 Roof Plan • 1′-6″ Overhang
8/12 Roof Pitch • 6x Timber Material


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This frame is simple yet diversified in it’s use of multiple applications. The joinery established throughout the frame is basic enough to employ standard carpentry tools. The timber material may be affordably acquired at a local hardware store. The frame has been designed to utilize as much of the timber material as possible thus creating little waste.

The complete seven-teen page set of timber-frame plans include: project overview, page index, piece and timber schedule, isometric projections throughout, post and roof plan, three wall sections and each piece detail. Also included is a joinery option on the upper-post to tie-beam connection.

Layout Tools:
Layout Carpenter Square
Tape Measure
Layout Pencil (for moist material)
Layout Pencil (for dry material)

Cutting Tools:
Layout-Line Scoring Knife
Hand Saw
Power Circular Saw
Power Drill
Smooth-cut Drill Bit

Joinery Dressing Tools:
Framing Chisel
Framing Chisel Mallet
Block Plane
Combination Square

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