What We Offer You

The Heirloom Timber Framing Package 
offers quality services and products at an
affordable price. Like buying a car, there 
is not a fixed price. The pricing structure 
is determined by the location, style, 
complexity and timber type. The package or kit 
includes the following products 
and services.

  • Architectural and Timber Frame Design
  • State Certified Structural Engineering
  • Bespoke Timber Frame Kit
  • Wainscot for Ceilings and Lofts
  • Structural Insulated Panels “R-28 Wall and R-40 Roof”
  • Or any other Envelope Enclosure
  • Freight Delivery to Site
  • Installation by HTF Crew

Architectural and Timber Frame Design with Structural Engineering is offered for your project to create a full set of working plans from a floor plan model.  This model can be a creation of your own or a modified existing plan.  We provide elevations, foundation, floor, structural, electrical, sections and detail plans including conventional and/or panelized additions for your entire project.

   Heirloom Timber Framing works with a timber frame designer to be sure every timber fame is structurally sound and compliments the space in a home. We may also work with your architect, designer, or with the plans you purchased from a design company.  We use a powerful timber frame software program that shows three dimensional imaging.  This provides “walk through” images and a video of your project.

A licensed engineer is available in all states if required to meet code by local officials. The engineer can utilize a specialized engineering software which will load a frame to determine areas for improvement.

Bespoke Timber Frames offer the opportunity to apply the proper timber frame design for your project. Details such as timber planed smooth to the touch, hardwood splines and pegs, chamfer edges, fully housed members and curved braces are features of our commitment to quality.  We also offer you an all-natural end sealer and oil for applying to our timbers promoting even drying for the reduction of checking and splitting, thus increasing the strength of the wood. 

Heirloom Timber Framing offers a wide variety of styles in timber frames and timber. We can provide an estimate for your project as specified with our standard high quality service.

Enclosure Envelopes range in options. Natural, conventional and structural insulated panel systems (SIPs) are just a few in which our timber frames have been enclosed. SIPs offer the greatest efficiency for their value. The payback includes reduced energy bills and a draft free home. An energy recovery ventilation system is highly recommended in a SIPs structure.