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Timber Frame Mailbox Post Plans

Timber Mailbox Post • 6x Timber Material


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This is the perfect first-time timber frame project. The do-it-yourself carpenter will have fun making this elegant timber frame while exploring the craft of timber joinery. The simple design is effective for learning and practicing mortise and tenon carpentry skills. Some challenges include basic joinery layout, cutting techniques and assembly. Plans include six pages with all dimensions, materials list, plan and section details, piece details, and installation details. Material may be affordably acquired at a local hardware store. Below are links to a few ideal tools that will assist in the manufacturing process for this project.


Layout Tools:
Layout Carpenter Square
Tape Measure
Layout Pencil (for moist material)
Layout Pencil (for dry material)

Cutting Tools:
Layout-Line Scoring Knife
Hand Saw
Power Circular Saw
Power Drill
Smooth-cut Drill Bit

Joinery Dressing Tools:
Framing Chisel
Framing Chisel Mallet
Block Plane
Combination Square

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